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Welcome to PB Junction, a hub for current and historical information on Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Topics include civics, art, music, community events, nature, and outdoor activities.

Over the last few years, Pine Bluff has undergone notable changes, including a Main Street downfall (literally, to some extent), followed by a determination to rebuild.  I couldn’t help but to wonder what led to the demise and what the new plans were, as this was my hometown for most of my childhood.  While news articles were helpful in describing the recent downfall, I found key information on revitalizing and rebuilding came only after multiple, varied iterations of searches.  So I decided to create a site that connects the pieces of information I found.

In the future, I hope the site adds a forum for community discussion; until it does, I hope you will share your thoughts by adding comments to articles.

Here’s a shout-out to the Pine Bluff Commercial for their coverage of the Main Street conditions described above. I’m still glad to provide this website to cover additional stories, some off the beaten path, others better known. So, welcome to PB Junction. I hope you learn more about Pine Bluff when you read our posts.

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