PB Junction’s New Logo

Logo for pbjunction.com and PB Junction, LLC. Copyright 2016-2018 PB Junction, LLC.

PB Junction is going green — PINE green —  with its new logo.  The logo’s symbolism represents the many and varied artists born of the area, including talents in visual arts (sketching, painting, and sculpting); music (blues, boogie-woogie, country, and rhythm and blues); and television and film (acting, art and animation, directing, producing, and inventing audio/video technologies). The logo’s top symbol and the new header image (to be added soon) represent nature and the area’s characteristic terrain; the header image will show waterways as well as the greenery. And the diamond shape, while reminiscent of those in the state flag and the Southeast Arkansas Community College logo, also represents Mayor Shirley Washington’s recent description of Pine Bluff as being a diamond (well, maybe with some parts of that diamond being in the rough, but not for too long!).

PB Junction header image. PB Junction logo over aerial view of Pine Bluff, AR. Copyright 2016-2018 PB Junction, LLC
Copyright PB Junction, LLC, 2017-2019

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