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PB Junction’s New Logo

PB Junction is going green — PINE green with its new logo.  The logo’s symbolism represents the many and varied artists born of the area, including talents in visual arts (sketching, painting, and sculpting); music […]

Rays of Light

On Peace, Joy, and Self-Worth

Bradley Gregory, currently of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, recently shared these sage words: “Never let anyone rob you of your peace, joy, & self worth. As hard as it is to admit to yourself, everybody that […]

Inauguration of elected officials in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, on January 1, 2017. Photo credit: Steven Mays
Civic Events

Pine Bluff’s Inaugural Ceremony 2017

Pine Bluff’s newly elected (and re-elected) officials were inaugurated yesterday, January 1, 2017, at the Pine Bluff Convention Center: Mayor Shirley Moorehead Washington and city council members Lloyd Holcomb, Jr. (Ward 1), Win Trafford, Jr. […]