Welcome to PB Junction’s Forum, a place to discuss the city of Pine Bluff, Arkansas (PB).  This forum is for PB’s residents, business people, and journalists who wish to discuss downtown revitalization, community events, business, and governing issues.  The forum also welcomes posts from those involved in researching, planning, and implementing improvements to PB, particularly with regard to public service delivery, revitalization, and the city’s tax base.

Feel free to share good news, express concern (even outright complain), or ask questions.  I just ask that you please keep all posts respectful.  I doubt that respect is an issue for PB citizens’ posts.  But I have known of other discussion forums devoted to a particular jurisdiction or interest that had “outsiders” jump in — people who had no ties whatsoever to the purpose of the forum; typically, the worst offenders came from a subset of those with no ties to the cause.  I just want to protect forum participants those who care about PB.

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