Clock with the text “Now is the time.” Photo credit (clock image): Pixabay user Skitterphoto; text added by PB Junction. Image used for voter registration amd other civics-related reminders.

Check Your Voter Registration

Now is the time:  Check your voter registration.  Even if you have voted in the most recent elections, still check it. If you have recently registered, moved across county lines (even if you transferred your […]

Image symbolizing arts and crafts activities. Yellow coffee mug with many paint brushes sticking up from it. Background has paint here and there on surfaces.
Art & Cultural Events

PB Events in July 2018

Check out these events coming up in July in Pine Bluff, Arkansas! The ones ongoing through the summer (or year), whether daily, weekly, or monthly, are listed first; the ones with specifics one-time dates (or […]